USS Scoperta
Post 115

<<< Engineering>>>

The engineering run from console to console trying to keep the ship together.

N'Vek: Lt. Donaldson lock down that plazma fire on deck 12!

Donaldson:(NPC) Yes sir.*runs out of room.*

Win: Sir. Port naccel is weakening by 25 percent.

N'Vek: *runs to another console.* I'll try and inforce it with a structual integrety field. Try get extra power to the structual integerety field.

Win: Rerouting power from reseves to structual integrety field.


N'Vek: What was that?

Satarius: =/\= N'Vek we need more speed to get us out of here before we rip apart. =/\=

N'Vek:=/\= Sorry Captain we can't go any faster. But I may be able to prevent us from riping apart. Give me a minute.=/\=

Satarius: =/\= Ok N'Vek.=/\=

Win: How will we get enough power to raise the structual integrety fields?

N'Vek: Hold on. =/\= Captain how much longer until we reach DS10?=/\=

Satarius: =/\= About 15 minutes. Why?=/\=

N'Vek: =/\= I have a plan. Put the ship to emergency life support mode.=/\=

Satarius: =/\= Ok..... This is Captain Satarius to all personnel evacuate to all emergency life support centers. Life support will be terminated in 3 minutes.=/\=

N'Vek: Mr. Win reroute power from all decks to the structual integrety fields.

Win: Right.

<3 minutes later>

N'Vek: Ok everyone should be in their support centers. Computer deactivate all life support systems except for designated life support centers.

Computer: Acess codes needed from command officer or two engineering officers to do so.

N'Vek: Reconize Lieutenant N'Vek acess code nvek99alpha.

Win: Reconize Lieutenant Morris Win acess code win1117gamma.

Computer: Authorization excepted. Life support offline in 30 seconds.

1...2...3...4...5.......................25...26...27...28...29...30. Life support is now offline.

N'Vek: Reenforce the fields now.

Win: Working...... Ok all availible power has been routed to the fields.

Satarius: N'Vek how long until the fields break down.

N'Vek: We shouldn't have a problem. It wil last until we're out of the conduit.

Satarius: Good. Now begin repairs to the damaged sections of the ship. I want us at perfect levels when we go into what ever is happening over there.

N'Vek: Ok Mr. Win read me the damage report.

Win: Yes sir. Forward hull plateing is down by 17%. Aft. shielding is offline. Port naccel is damanged by now... 27%. Dorsal hull integrety is holding, but micro fractures are forming on some spots of the saucer. The laterial sensoprs have been damanged by only 2%. Iminent hull fracture on deck 25. And last but not least plazma fires have and are accuring in shutle bay 1, cargo bay 3, section 27 beta, and down here in engineering.

N'Vek: Ok Mr. Win lets begin cordinating the repair teams. We have a lot to do before we enter into a battle.


Lt. N'Vek


USS Scoperta