USS Scoperta
Post 01

DS10 was almost completely taken over by Cardassians and most of the life support systems failed.
The last thing Fleet Admiral Copeland heard was "self destuction in 5 minutes and 30 seconds" when he entered the USS Lafayette together with Commodore Jackson.
On board the excelsior class vessel they directly headed to the bridge to meet the Captain.
"Attention on deck!" was the first thing they heard when the two entered the bridge. In the center stood a captain "welcome on board Admiral, commodore, i am Captain Dimitri"
Copeland "Thank you, i would like to say that you must take you're ship out as soon as all personel of DS10 have boarded"
Dimitri" They have, you were the last two"
Jackson" Then let's get the hell out of here!! The station will explode in two minutes"
Dimitri:" We're going to give up the staion? Helm take us out of here 1/4 impuls, bearing 123 mark 6"
Helm:"Aye sir"
A few minutes later the ship shaked, while they stared on the main screen to DS10, that exploded in a million of pieces.Copeland helt his heart skipped a beat, ma'n he loved his station.
Tactical officer:" Sir the Cardassian fleet is leaving the area"
Dimitri:"Where are they heading?"
Tactical:" Sir you won't believe this, it seems they have setted a course straight to Earth."
Copeland:"O my god they are going to attack Starfleet HQ!"
Jackson:"We must stop them!"
Copeland:"Captain , please contact the USS Thor and the USS Scoperta at once we must intercept them together, and also check if there are more federation ships present in this area!"
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Fleet Admiral Copeland
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