USS Scoperta
Commander Tempest Z. Satarius

Commander Tempest Z. Satarius

Name: Tempest Zephyr Satarius
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Rank: Commander                                                                                                                                        Height: 5 8"
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Green but sometimes shift to blue or gray depending on mood
Hair Color: Rich Dark Brown with a hint of red in the right light
Current Post: USS Scoperta/DS 10
Position: XO

Upon contact by Avery Bartlett, Tempest requested a meeting with the Fleet Admiral.  During this meeting she provided her credentials indicating she was a Commander from Starfleet Intelligence division sent to DS10 from Starfleet Command and to be assigned as a ships counselor.  All prior service records seem to be so highly classified that they appear to never have existed.

End of Information in Delta Fleet Databases

Player only information, characters will have to learn this in game play.

Tempest Z Satarius is from another parallel reality and the future, this realities alpha and beta quadrant history diverged from the Delta Fleet reality during the Dominion War and has few points of similarity from then on.  Tempest is Betazoid.  She is a very strong Telepath but also a telekinetic which is practically unheard of amongst Betazoids.  Tempest was born on Cardassia. Her Mother spent a lot of time traveling and doing business on worlds with economic problems outside or on the fringes of the Federation and almost always took her three children with her.  She had two brothers which she spent a lot of time with and was a bit of a tomboy.

At the age of 18 she started going to universities on both Betazed and Earth, where she studied geology, psychology and psychic medicine for the most part. She then went to the Starfleet Academy and graduated as a counselor.  In 2818 Starfleet was sponsoring an independently operated space exploration organization and Tempest went immediately from Starfleet Academy into this organization.

There she was assigned as a ships councilor on a warship where she rose to executive officer and command ranks quickly in her career.  Two men fell in love with her: One, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and controlling force behind the organization. This would affect things from then on in her life as well as career.  Almost immediately she was promoted to Captain of the same heavily armed exploration vessel and then transferred to command a science vessel.  After just barely getting her feet wet as a commanding officer, she became a Task Force Commander.  At that point she learned that the organization was being run by powerful psychic beings specifically to wage a war against equally powerful creatures of evil who were manipulating whole governments, including the Federation.

From that point on nothing was simple.  She traveled through time and across several realities.  She has commanded the entire USI as it was split in two by dissension and its leadership vanished temporarily, including the self proclaimed demi-god with whom shed had a tempestuous relationship.  In 2825 Tempest was killed in a battle against a powerful evil psychic being.  By this time she had never committed to a specific relationship with either the demi-god or the other man who loved her, though she felt completely committed to both. One had left the USI and the other was the Commanding Officer of USI.  Tempest was not actually dead, but close to it and was rescued from the influence of the psychic beings that ran the USI by forces she does not understand or remember. 

Some how she had ended up alone on a Federation world in 2374, the middle of the Dominion War.  Tempest went in search of her true passion... the man that had left the USI and was indeed, her soul-mate, whom she some how knew was responsible for her being there and alive.  Avery Bartlett helped her get passage off of the world she was on and she traveled everywhere she could.  Not being able to find him, even after traveling to his home world, and a few other places in the galaxy that she thought he might be waiting for her, Tempest went to Betazed and began teaching pre-academy classes there.  She did this until Avery Bartlett contacted her in 2375.