USS Scoperta
Post 01

<<< Sick bay>>>>

Kavek and his two other officers walk in. " I could use some help over here." said Kavek as a nurse comes and takes the hurt ensign. " Ok Lt. you may return to duty." said Kavek to the unhurt officer. Kavek walks to N'Vek, " I will atempt a nother mind meld." said Kavek. He places his hands on N'vek's face and starts the meld.

 <5 mins later>

Kavek disconnects himself from N'Vek. " so what is it? What can you do for him?" asked Malari. " Nothing his abilities are coming in wheather we're ready or not. These are going to be some tuff couple days for him. But he should have his abilities in like a week. Then I will have to train him." said Kavek. " Ok so I just keep an eye on him right?" asked Dr. Malari. " Yes dr. I will be going...." said Kavek as he walks from the room.

Off: Lt. jg. Kavek, ct/so, Uss Scoperta