USS Scoperta
Post 02

Malari was relaxing in his chair.  An Ensign was punching in co-ordinates to
take the Scoperta back to Earth.

Malari: Ensign open a ship-wide channel.

Ensign(NPC): Done.

Malari: Crew this is your captain.  The Admiral has already thanked you and
asked you for two minutes silence.  I however would like to add to that. 
You have all excelled in your duties, you have all tried hard to prove
yourselves.  I think that you should all be proud.  You have also made me
the captain to be proud to command you.  The Scoperta will never have a crew
as good as you.  However, with happiness comes sadness.  In this case the
deaths of fellow comrades.  They died defending what they believe in and so
that we could all live happily.  The death-toll for the Scoperta was 55. 
Among those were people very dear to me.  I ask you to stop whatever you are
doing and remember those dead in a one minute silence.
*One minute later*
As you all know we are heading back to Earth for 2 weeks.  I want you all to
enjoy yourselfs.  The ship will be being repaired and then after that it's
back to the Delta Quadrant.  Thankyou for listening.  Malari out.

Malari signalled for the transmission to end and then sat back.  The next
two weeks were going to be great.  Visiting family and meeting old friends.

Lt. Paul Malari
CMO (acting CO)