USS Scoperta
Post 03

<Bridge-USS Scoperta>
Malari was sitting in his chair.  On his right was an empty chair and
on his
left an empty chair.  All the crew was on the bridge at their
workstations.  Earth was in view and all the crew were marvelling at
beautiful site of planet Earth revolving in space.

Malari: Ensign, open a channel to starfleet command.
Ensign(NPC): Channel open, sir.
Malari: This is the USS Scoperta, reporting for repairs.

A chubby talaxian admiral appeared on the viewscreen.

Malari: Tarlix!! Its good to see you old friend!!  I never knew you
were in
starfleet!  Last I saw of you you were travelling around in that
you called a travelling hospital!!

Tarlix(NPC): Malari!  Its good to see you again.  I believe you want to
so that you can get that ship full of holes that isn't fit to travel

Malari: O.k. O.k.  Lets not insult our ships until I get down there so
we can have a few games of badminton.  I can always thrash you!

Tarlix: Not this time!  Anyway.  You have permission to land in a
area near San Francisco.  I have just sent the co-ordinates.  I would
the whole crew to take leave in San Francisco as we may need to contact
them.  I will tell you more about that later.  See you soon!

Malari: See you soon.  Malari out.  Ensign have you got those
Ensign: Yes sir.  Would you like us to land now?
Malari: Yes.  Malari to Engineering.
Engineering: Yes sir.
Malari: Prepare for landing.
Engineering: Yes sir.
Malari: Ensign, take us down.

The Uss Scoperta slowly descended down to Earth.  The Ensign was very
experienced and after a hair raising few minutes the ship was down on
ground.  Engineering crews ran up and started repairs.  All the crew
the ship and were taken into transport shuttles that headed to San
Francisco.  Malari stepped into a private shuttle and sped off towards

Lt. P. Malari
CMO (acting CO)
Uss Scoperta