USS Scoperta
Post 04


Medical personnel from StarFleet pour in helping the Scoperta's medical staff. Kavek has N'Vek meditating. " N'Vek it is time to end the meditation seccion." said Kavek as he stands. N'vek stands and opens his eyes. " Hmm.... Finally I feel at peace." said N'Vek. " Yes your abilities have fully come in. Their growth will only happen if you practice and maditate as a Vulcan. I will guide you until you surpass my abilities." said Kavek. " Thank you Kavek. I still have a long way to go as seeing my emotional control is still not mastered." said N'Vek. " It will come in time. Or it might not ever be controlled because you are Romulan and you might not fully have the skills that are required for keeping your emotions under control." said Kavek. " So Kavek what are ur plansnow that we are on leave?" asked N'Vek. "I plan to visit my father in Maryland. What about you?" replied Kavek. " I will be staying on the ship. Help with repairs and such. I'll look over the ship while the senior staff is gone." said N'Vek. " Ok N'Vek just don't over work yourself. Meditate everyday." said Kavek as he walks from the room.


Lt. jg.  Kavek, ct/so, Uss Scoperta


Lieutenant N'Vek

Cheif Engineering Officer/Temporary XO of USS Scoperta