USS Scoperta
Post 05

<<<Engineering, USS Scoperta>>>

N'Vek walks in behind a crowd of engineering personnel from Star Fleet. He sees an officer standing near the warp core organizing repairs teams and such. He walks up to him after he is done issuing orders.

N'Vek: Hello.... * looks at rank insignia* Commander. What is going on here?

Commander Burns: I am started the repairs on this rust bucket. Since no one else has.

N'Vek: Excuse me Commander. This ship is top of the line. It may have some battle damage but what ship doesn't?

N'vek begins to get a little angry.

Commander B: No afench meant ofcourse, but this ship is starting to fall apart. Its conduits explode at any level of stress. Its shielding emmitors are beyond repairs. The only thing new on this ship are whats left of the quantom torpedoes.

N'Vek: { control your emotions..... Don't lose it N'Vek....} That is one mans opinion of a entire crew. But enough of this bantor. Lets start continue to repairs this beautiful ship.

Com. Burns: Yes and that is  my job..... Mr....?

N'Vek: Lieutenant N'vek, Chief Engineering Officer of this ship.

Commander Burns: Yes very well. There is an opening in the deuterium pod cleaning. You can help there.

N'Vek: I will not scrub deuterium pods. I am the chief engineering officer of this ship. I am worthy of another job.

Com. Burns: Hmmm..... well your new to the job. reviewing the old days will be good for you.

N'vek: I've been an engineering officer on a large number of vessels before you were in elementry school. { calm.... stay calm...} And please may I have a more suitible job?

Commander Burns: I supose so.*looks at padd* You work on the fore torpedo launchers. Is that good enough for you Mr. N'Vek?

N'Vek: Yes that will do 'sir'.

N'vek walks away very annoyed. Commander Burns looks at him leave with a smile. { He'll make a fine officer.......} thought the commander.


Lt. N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Scoperta