USS Scoperta
Post 06

<<< Scoperta, Transporter Room>>>

Kavek alks in with a container containing clothes and such. "Hello sir where is your destination?" asked the Transporter chief. " Star Fleet's main docking bay." said Kavek. " Yes sir. Step on the pad." said the chief. Kavek slowly steps to the pad. "Energize" said Kavek as he disappears into nothingness.

<<< Star Fleet Docking bay(shuttle bay)>>>

Kavek appears and officers from the scoperta are everywhere loading into shuttles. A pilot walks over to him, " Sir are you ready to get on your way?" asked the pilot.

 " Yes ensign. My destination is Maryland. I am visiting some family." said Kavek.

 " Very well this way please." said the pilot as he leads Kavek to a shuttle.

<<< In the shuttle>>

They both sit in the front compartment. They begin to activate the shuttle and prepare for takeoff. " =/\= This is pilot Roberts shuttle glory is lifting off in 10 seconds all personnel please stay out of way until shuttle is out of the bay.=/\= " said the pilot of the com channel. "Here we go." said the pilot to Kavek. Kavek gets up and goes to the back of the shuttle and brings out a padd. " We'll be there in 35 minutes sir." reported the pilot. " Ok ensign." said Kavek as he continues reading.

Off: Lt. jg. Kavek, ct/so, Uss Scoperta