USS Scoperta
Post 07

<Starfleet Command>
Malari sat down in a chair outside a room.  A secretary stepped up:
Secretary: Are you Mr. Malari?  Mr. Goodson is waiting for you!
Malari: Thanks.
Malari stepped into a room where a very official looking admiral was sitting.
Malari: Hello sir, Tarlix told me you wanted to speak to me?
Goodson(NPC): Yes malari.  I believe you are in temporary command of the USS Scoperta?
Malari: Yes sir that is correct.
Goodson: Well then I have a very short and brief mission briefing for you. 
The admiral pressed a button and a map of the Delta fleet flashed up.  Malari recognised a few planets on the map but most of it was new.
Goodson: Starfleet intelligence has informed us that Cardassian renegades have started to gather a small army to declare war on the Federation.  So far there are only four small ships.  Three of those are converted colony ships.  They are being used to pick up new alien species that the Federation have not yet visited and training them up.  If we can destroy this small taskforce then we can safely quash this uprising.  The colony ships have very basic weaponry but the other ship is a new ship.  The renegades designed it themselves.  It has 3 quantum torpeodoe launchers, three torpedo launchers and three phasers.  These phasers are a new type.  We have no information on these new phasers.  Your mission is to take out the taskforce and make first contact with as many new species as possible.  Any questions?  Do not forget that I will fill Tempest in properly closer to the time.
Malari: Are we the best choice?  There must be more ships?  The Scoperta won't be able to go for at least another week. 
Goodson: All other ships are defending the border against the Romulans.  You are the only ship.  Also I have doubled the workforce on the Scoperta it will be ready by Monday.  That is all.  Goodbye Malari.
Malari: Goodbye.
They stood up and shook hands.  Malari then left the room.  It looked like the crews rest was going to be cut short.
Lt. P. Malari.
CMO (acting CO)