USS Scoperta
Post 08

<<< Engineering, USS Scoperta>>>

N'Vek and the rest of the Star Fleet crew are on they're second day of repairs. Things are going slowly because a supply of power conduits have not yet arrived.

Malari: =/\= This is Lt. Malari, in command of the Scoperta, will any senior staff of the Scoperta report to the captain's ready room.=/\=

N'Vek: Commander Burns I'm needed else where. May I be excused from repairs for a breiff moment. 

Commander Burns: Of course.

N'Vek walks out of the room.

<<< Ready Room>>>

Lt. N'Vek walks in behind Lt. jg. O'Kay.

OOC: O'Kay never posted where he was so I'm putting him on the Scoperta. If there is any problems email me and I'll adjust my post.


Malari: Hello N'Vek and Mr. O'Kay. I guest your wondering what I've called you here for.

N'Vek: I am curious.

O'Kay: Ya.

Malari: I've just spoken to Star Fleet. They've informed me of our next mission and it will cut our leave very short. N'Vek can you speed up the repairs any?

N'vek: Well sir we are about 12 hours behind because a shipment of conduits are late. But I supose we could replicate them.

Malari: Good get to it.

O'Kay: And the sensor are pretty much repair they just need those conduits also.

Malari: Good. I want this ship repair in the least time possible. Get to it.

N'Vek and O'Kay leave.


Lt. N'Vek


USS Scoperta