USS Scoperta
Lieutenant Commander Mike O'Brien

Lt. Commander Mike O'Brien

Name: Michael James Miles O'brien
Date of birth: 24 october on new Eindhoven
Rank: Lieutanant Commander
eyes: Brown
: 1,79 m
: 80 Kg
Position: XO/FO Uss Scoperta (Deltafleet)
Diploma's: Anthropology cum laude at Harvard, Geology at Yorking's university in Berlin.
Family: Only child of Kaschenka O'brien-Semanov and John Edward O'brien. My mom was member of the local gouverment in Berlin. my Father worked first as a Medical Officer on the: Uss Jamestown, Uss Cornswell, Uss Hiros. He also worked at the Starfleet Medical Headquarters in Berlin, He is now Chief Medical officer on the Eart Station McKinley. I have two Uncle Miles O'brien who was Chief Operations on Ds 9 and is now teacher at Starfleet Acedemy. Myother oncle of my mothers site is Jikovatch Semanov Mayor of Moskou. I have no brothers or sisters.

Serving record:

Uss Molotov (acedemy ship at the time)
Uss Oddesey (galaxy class)
Deepspace 10


I was born on Luna in the city New Eindhoven. I don't remember not much of the life on luna, but i went back several times because my oncle James O'brien lives. When i was 4 we moved to Berlin because my father was at the time Medical Officer on the Starfleet Medical Headquarters. I was a great time, i had a lot of friends with who i went to school. On my sixteenth i finished High School, that's was early but i did two grades in one year.


On the time i had a betazoid girlfriend, who studied anthropology. I was so intressted that i chose to study that also. I Graduated cum laude. I didn't had a idea of what i wanted to be. My father pushed me to do a medical study because he was medical officer on Starfleet Medical Headquarters at the time. I did start the study but stopped after a half year because it was not so intresting as i hoped. That's also when i knew what i wanted to become. I wanted to join Starfleet and be a Science officer. I had always liked geology so it was easy to choose what my next study would be. I had to wordk hard to finish th study but i finished, not cum laude like my earlier study but i finished it. 



When I was at the acedemy I served at the Uss Molotov. I had a lot of fun on the academy. My worst point was shooting, untill one of my friends and i were in a holo-simulation and i wasn't able to hit him with phaser untill i shot 11 times. Ater that time i train every week a half hour in shooting a phaser.

Uss Oddessey

After Starfleet acedemy i surved for 3 years on the galaxy class ship Uss Oddessey. I was the third science officer. The Chief Science officer, commander 1 ste class Johannas Falk nominated me twice for a promotion but the first time it was rejected because of a incedent on Penolopeia IV. i was part of an standard away team when a non corperal life form crossed our way. A Betazoid member of our team, Ferke Trijh said he felt angry and hate in the creature and when the creature launched a dispurter like wapen from his self, i took my phaser and shot the creature. But my co at the momment, Commodore Kortch had ordered not to shoot therefore i disobeyd an direct order and was not promoted. The second time i was promoted without no problems. I left the Uss oddesey just before here last mission in the Gamma quadrant where she was lost. 

2341: Born on New Eindhoven on Luna
2345: Moved with my parents to Berlin
2357: Finished High School
2358-2362: A study anthropology (Finished)
2362: A medical study (not Finished) 
2362-2367: A study Geology (Finished)
2367: Joined Starfleet
2371: Graduated as a jr. Lieutenant
2372-2375: Served aboard the Uss Oddessey as Science officer
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant
2376: January-March: Chief Science Officer on Deepspace 10
2376: March-Mai: Chief Science Officer on the USS Scoperta
2376: Mai: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2376: Mai-now: First Officer USS Scoperta