USS Scoperta
Post 13

<<<Bridge, Scoperta>>>

N'Vek sits in the command chair its his duty shift on the bridge as the officers around him continue with their regular duties. N'Vek reads through status reports on the repairs. Then the Capatin walks through the doors. N'Vek stands.

N'Vek: Get any sleep last night Captain?

Satarius: A little Dr. Malari was checking up on me a lot. Doctors are to protective.

N'Vek: Well I am on my way to Engineering.*starts walking to the turbo lift*

Satarius: Lieutenant.

N'Vek stops and turns to the captain.

N'Vek: Yes ma'am?

Satarius:*walks up to N'Vek smiling. She takes out a little box and opens it.* Lieutenant N'Vek you have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the responsibilities and privilages that come with. And also will have the position of Second Officer. You have preformed very well over the time you have been with us. Good job.

N'Vek: Thank you ma'am.* takes the rank pip out of the box and puts it on his colar.*

N'Vek continues on his way to the turbo lift.

Kavek: Congratuations Mr. N'Vek.

N'Vek: Thank you Lt.

N'Vek enters the lift.


Lt. Commander N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer

USS Scoperta