USS Scoperta
Post 14

<< Bridge, USS Scoperta>>

The bridge crew sit ready at their stations as the Captain and Lt. Commander N'Vek walk from the ready room. They sit in their seats.

Satarius: =/\= All hands prepare for departure.=/\=

O'Kay: Captain message coming from starfleet headquarters.

Sataraius: Put it through.

Admiral:(NPC) Captain Satarius are you ready to leave?

Satarius: Yes sir. We'll be on our way within a few minutes.

Admiral:(NPC) Very good leave when ready. And good luck.

Then the screen goes blank and then blinks to a view of space.

Satarius: Lt. Commander if you will.

N'Vek: Me ma'am?

Satarius: Yes.

N'Vek: As you wish. Helm plot departure course. Engineering get ready to activate warp engines. On my mark release docking clamps.... 3... 2... 1... mark.

And they were on they're way on their new mission.


Lt. Commander N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer

USS Scoperta