USS Scoperta
Post 01

N'Vek: What anomoly, Ma'am?

Satarius: Unless I'm completely losing my mind, which
is entirely likely some days, There is something about
5000 kilometers away emitting x-rays...

Kavek: It is drawing us closer, but there are no black
holes charted anywhere close to here.

N'Vek:No, but it is something containing a singularity

Satarius: Do we know if there are any races here who
have managed to capture the energy of a black hole,
and who are technologically advanced to the point
where they can USE the energy from one?  Weapons
systems, energy sources...anything? 

Jareth:  We dont' even know if it is man-made.  We
can't base any assumptions on it until we know it's

Satarius:  Okay.  Well, we have a choice.  Find out
what it is, or place a marker and move on...

N'Vek:  Ma'am, We know what you want to do...

Tempest smiled.  "Okay then..."
Captain Tempest Satarius
Commanding Officer
USS Scoperta