USS Scoperta
Dr. Paul Pad'ria Malari

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Name: (joined)Paul Pad'ria Malari (human)Paul Thomas Brown
Date of birth: 2278 June 19th on Farm in Australia
Rank: Lieutanant Commander
Colour eyes: Blue
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 11 stone
Position: Chief Medical Officer(CMO) Uss Scoperta
Family: Human: Father: John Brown-deceased(Medical officer-USS Sting)
               Mother: Julia Brown-deceased(Farmer)
        Trill: N/A
        Human + Trill: Wife: Lucy Jane Malari-deceased(Medical Officer)

Serving record:
Civilian Aid - USS Helper(medical aid ship)
Medical Officer - USS Zacharia
Medical Officer - USS Celebration
Medical Officer - USS Spike
Medical officer - DS10
Chief Medical Officer - USS Scoperta

Spent most of my early years living with my mother on our farm in
  My father worked onboard the USS Sting full time as Company commander
running some of the feserations most dangerous missions.  Often My
would not hear from him for months or years at a time.  I hardly knew
father.  On my 10th birthday my father sent a message saying his
time came to an end two weeks later.  However before the ship could
it was destroyed by section 13 but starfleet denied it all.  That was
when I
decided to take up a medical career.  After High school I went to

Starfleet Medical:
I studied at starfleet medical for 6 years and came top of my class.  I
studied basic Engineering and Marksmanship.  I came third in my class
markmanship and got very high marks in my phaser shooting and got very
points in alien weaponry use.

Trill history:
Joined the trill program in 2302.  But was turned away after no more
were needed.  5 months later however the program contacted me and told
they had a trill that would die unless it had a host, I was their last
resort.  I was joined but not told anything about the history.  However
problems were found and Malari still had all of his memories as well as
Trills.  His name was changed to Paul Pad'ria Malari.  After that I
heard from the program again.

2278: Born

2288: Father killed

2296: Finished High School

2296-2302: Starfleet Medical Course (Finished)

2302: Basic Engineering and Marksmanship course (Both Finished)

2302: Joined Trill Program

2303: Joined as a Trill.  Changed name

2305: Joined USS Helper as civilian aid.

2306: Met Lucy Jane

2308: Married Lucy Jane

2322: Joined USS Zacharia

2330: Wife killed in Romulan attack

2336: Joined USS Celebration

2340: Mother killed by borg on way to Vulcan

2350: Joined USS Spike

2372: Joined DS10 as Medical Officer

2380: Joined USS Scoperta as Chief Medical Officer
2380: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

<Starfleet Awards Databank- Lt. Dr Paul Malari> 

Lifetime Service Award

Medical Achievement

Bride Command Qualifications


Borg Encounter Award

Combat Participation

Away Team Member

Fleet Service

Starbase Assignment

Academy Citation

Humanitarian Award


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