USS Scoperta
Post 05

Malari was glad to be back in sickbay.  He had spent a long time out of it
and now he wanted to get back into his normal routine.  He had run through
the list of crewmembers and civilians aboard and checked the medical  logs. 
There were a few people who needed seeing and a few who needed check-ups. 
Also there was a new crew member coming aboard so he would have to see him
as well.  He was just about to call a meeting with the rest of the medical
staff when a huge tremor hit the ship.  Malari was thrown out of his seat
onto the floor.

=/\= Malari to bridge, what the hell just happened? =/\=

Satarius: We got hit from a tremor in the wormhole.  There are a few
casualties but not many.  We do not have much longer in the wormhole and
don't expect anything like that again.

Malari: Good!  Send all the casualties down and I will deal with them so
that they are ready when we get to the Delta quadrant.

Satarius: Will do.

Malari: Malari out.

Malari picked himself of the floor and stepped out of his office.  There
were already a few people coming in to sickbay so Malari picked up his
tri-corder and started helping.  Well at least he was back into his old

Lt. Dr. P Malari
USS Scoperta