USS Scoperta
Post 07

<<<Bridge, Scoperta>>>

Kavek continues scaning the out side of the wormhole. 'Boom' " What was that?" asked Captain Satarius. " It was another fluxuation. Nothing to worry about." reported Kavek as he continues to scan. " Helm try and dodge those things will you." said Satarius. " Something wrong ma'am?" asked N'Vek. " No not really I'm just a little nervious about going into another battle right after that last one." said Satarius. " I understand ma'am." said N'Vek. " Captain I've detected a warp field just at the out side of the wormhole." reported Kavek. " Cardassian?" asked Satarius. " Unknown yet there is much interference within this wormhole." responded Kavek. " Well boost the scanners with the main deflector also patch in the lateral sensors." said Satarius. " Aye." said Kavek as he works. " It would also be wise to send a probe out there to widen the reach even further." said N'Vek. "No can do sir. The gravimetric stresses in here would crush a probe." stated O'Kay. "Yes... I forgot about that. Thank you for correcting me Lieutenant." said N'Vek. " Helm E.T.A. on exiting the wormhole." said Satarius. " 10 minutes 30 seconds ma'am." reported the helm officer. " Pleanty of time. N'Vek get your engineering crews working on fitting one of our probes with an interspacial field genreator." ordered the Captain. " Good idea ma'am. I'll have it done within a few minutes." said N'Vek as he walks from the bridge to the turbo lift.

<<<Turbo Lift>>>

N'Vek stands as the lift travels through the ship. Then it stops the doors woosh open. An Ensign walks in. " Sickbay." said the Ensign. " Hello I don't believe we've met before Ensign..?" said N'Vek. " Ensign Charles Kirtley. I've just been posted on the Scoperta. Nice to meet you Lt Commander..?" said Kirtley. " My name is N'Vek. I am the Chief Engineering Officer ofthis ship. What department are you in?" asked N'Vek. " I'm in security." replied Kirtley. " Very nice we'll this is my stop Ensign I will hopefully see you later." said N'Vek as he walks from the lift.

<<<Main Engineering>>>

N'Vek walks in. " Mr. Win." called N'Vek. Win walks over to him. " Yes Commander?" said Win. " I need a type 8 probe fitted with an interspacial field genreator in about 5 minutes." ordered N'Vek. " Yes sir. We'll get right on it. And by the way hows it feel to be the temporary XO?" asked Lt. Win. " Since I am in training to repress my emotions I do not feel anything, but it is a great responsibility." said N'Vek as he smirks slightly. " I understand sir." said Win as he too smirks. " All right I need a type 8 probe fitted with a I.S.F. generator in about 4 minutes. Lets get to it." ordered Lt. Win as the engineers started working.

<<<5 minutes, On the Bridge>>>

N'Vek enteres the bridge. " Ma'am the probe is ready for launch." reported N'Vek. " Mr. Kavek launch the probe." ordered Satarius. Kavek works his station quickly. Then on the view screen the probe scurries away from the ship. " The ISF(InterSpacial Field) is holding at 83%. Its hull temperature is up to 58%." reported O'Kay. " Good keep it like this. Mr. Kavek begin the scans." said Satarius. " Aye ma'am." replied Kavek as he scans.


Lt. Jg. Kavek, cs/to, Uss Scoperta


Lt. Commander N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer/Temporary XO

USS Scoperta