USS Scoperta
Post 08

Bridge:"Kavek has the probe left the wormhole yet" asked Captain Satarius "Nearly" replied Kavek. As Kavek was about to put the picture on the screen the probes signal was lost. "Where did the probe go" N'vek asked, "It was destroyed by whatever is waiting for us on the other side of this wormhole" Kavek informed them. "How long until we leave the wormhole" the captain asked "Any Minute now" the helmsman said.The ship reached the end of the wormhole and even before it could raise shields they were been shot at. "Damage report Lt Commander" N'Vek quikly ran to the tactical post and reeled off the damage "Somehow Ma'am they have knocked out the shields and sensors" N'vek pressed a few buttons on the post and the attackers were on the screen then they figured out how the damage had been caused in front of their ship was a fleet of cardassion and cardassion allies ships.NRPG-Someone else can decide what is going to happen next sorry if this is not rightensign charles kirtley/security/uss scoperta