USS Scoperta
Post 10

<<<Bridge, Scoperta>>>

The bridge is starting to look torn and burnt from the ambush. The Captain is shouting orders as the crew try and react as best they can concidering the condition of their stations.

Satarius: Ops Hail those ships!

O'Kay: Yes ma'am.

Malari: Any idea of to who they are?

N'Vek: I'm not sure but they do look very furmiliar.

Kavek: I'm detecting Borg technology on their ships.

Satarius: Borg? Lt. O'Kay any response?

O'Kay: No ma'am.

N'Vek gets up and runs over to the Engineering Station. He activates the scaners.

N'Vek: Captain I believe I know who these people are. Their engines are ideticle to the species that gave us those anti-borg devices.

Satarius: Hmmm... O'kay hail them again every channel.

O'Kay: Sending transmissions on all sub-space channels...... There's a a response.

N'Vek: Put it through.

On the view screen Administrator Gamus appears.

Gamus: Hello Captain need some help?

Satarius: Yes thank you Administrator. But how did you know we needed help?

Gamus: We attacked a tracking device on your hull the last time we met. Since you told us you were in a war with the Borg we decided to keep track of you if you needed our help.

Satarius: Yes well thank you Administrator.

Gamus: The status of your enemy ships is very weak. They're starting to retreat, but I can guess this is not the last time we'll see them.

Satarius: Yes I've got the same feeling.

Gamus: Now if you would like we'll take you back to our home planet Da'Laria and repair your vessel.

Satarius: Thank you very much for your assistence Administrator Gamus. We would love to come to your home world.


Lt. Commander N'Vek

Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer/Temporary XO

USS Scoperta